Factory Ab Småland

At AB Småland, sustainability is all. Therefore, we naturally ensure that the production of our goods takes place in a decent way - both for the environment and people. That is why we have chosen to produce our products at ACS Textiles in Bangladesh, a factory that works for sustainability on many levels.

Production & environment

ACS is a conscious company that applies climate-friendly methods to protect the environment, even though it may involve higher costs. They continuously monitor water consumption and the amount of emissions from the factory and work for environmentally friendly solutions and products, rather than offering low-priced products. Compromising on price, quality and climate impact simply goes against ACS 'principles.

Energy efficiency is also something that ACS has worked hard on. This is done by utilizing and reusing residual products that are released during production. For example, the factory uses the excess heat that is emitted in the form of, for example, steam or hot water to heat other machines. In normal cases, this heat is just a by-product that is emitted, which means that new energy needs to be used to heat the machines.

ACS also uses solar panels on the roofs for lighting in the premises. Utilizing the resources that the company automatically already has access to is a method that permeates ACS 'thinking to a large extent. It is an energy efficient way of working that saves our planet. The company has received several awards for just this.

Social responsibility

ACS bases its work on a great deal of social responsibility. They care about being transparent in their work, clear with their values and ethical in their choices. They also work to contribute to the community in the surrounding area.

Child care

ACS offers childcare for employed women with children to enable them to work and to promote gender equality.

Employee climate work

Every year, ACS organizes a charity project with its employees in the event of a climate crisis of any kind. It can be about starting fundraisers or charity work and more, which also has the bonus effect of team building among the employees. ACS primarily wants to work with projects with nature in focus and work across demographic boundaries.

Free schooling

Education counteracts and reduces poverty in the world, a position ACS takes seriously by offering free schooling to all employees' children. Today, 900 children receive free education through ACS, from preschool up to tenth grade. The company has access to nine private schools and a state high school in the area and may also have the opportunity to offer talented students further education after this.


ACS consists of half men and half women, a figure the company is proud of and actively works to maintain. Part of this work is the childcare that is offered, which also makes it possible for women to work. The company also works for the equal value of all and to take advantage of the employees 'rice, praise and ideas as part of ACS' development.

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