Sustainable transports and deliveries

At AB Småland, we think sustainability in everything we do. A large part of this is of course transport and deliveries, which can have a major impact on the climate. We want to avoid this as much as possible and work continuously to find environmentally friendly and efficient ways to ensure that you as a customer receive your goods in a sustainable way.

Therefore, we value being able to offer environmentally friendly transport alternatives, such as DHL Green Logistics. With this shipping alternative, you contribute to DHL's environmentally friendly transport by electric car and to enable them to continue to develop climate-smart transport solutions. In this way, we can reduce CO2 emissions and develop sustainable transport methods for the future.

To completely avoid transporting your order, we also offer the possibility that you can pick up the order in store. Then you order and pay on our website, we pack your order and you can then quick and easy pick it up in the store when it suits you.

If you do not have the opportunity to pick up the package yourself, we also work actively to improve our offer so that you as a customer will get the right products immediately. We do this, among other things, by ensuring that our product images are correctly reproduced in color and expression and that our product information is clear and informative. We also offer free fabric swatches of our popular bedding so you can feel and see color and quality before ordering.

Our shipping fee is also part of sustainable thinking. By being transparent in the cost of a delivery, we hope that more people make conscious purchases and thereby reduce the number of returns. So instead of including the delivery fee in prices, we have chosen to let you as a customer see and pay for the shipping.

The packaging materials that your goods are packed with upon delivery are also, as often as possible, reused material that we receive from our retailers. We do this to reduce wastage as much as we can. The times we do not use recycled material are when the packaging material we already have is not enough or is of the wrong kind for that particular product. On such occasions, we choose to supplement with new material to ensure that the product that is sent arrives in good condition and thus avoid unnecessary transport.

In addition to recycled packaging material, we use packaging that can be resized and work hard to make the packages as compact as possible. The packages can then take up less space, this will hopefully save on the number of transports and help the shipping companies to send more packages per car.

We also work to be available to you as a customer so that you can easily reach us, either via email or in our chat. It is important to us that we can answer your possible questions as soon as possible. Everything to make it easier for you as a consumer and to ensure that you get a product that fits you. We believe this is sustainable, both from an environmental perspective and in relation to you as a customer.

To read more about our sustainability work, feel free to go in and have a look here.

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